The Trajectory Outcomes Solution

Schooner Strategies is now offering a breakthrough solution powered by Trajectory® Healthcare LLC using advanced epidemiological and statistical verification methods to demonstrate healthcare outcomes.

The Trajectory application uses a patented process to create and study “virtual epidemics” to examine a wide-variety of programs. We provide critical feedback loops that prove the value of digital health, population health and other interventions.

We provide:

  • Results in weeks, not months
  • Verification that your programs are achieving the results you are targeting
  • Evidence-based support for new program development

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The Evaluation Tools

Program Strategies
Identifying new solutions

Use claims to compare defined population with age-gender matched data. Deep dive investigations can include:

  • Diagnoses
  • Procedures
  • Place of service
  • Drugs
  • Provider name
  • Provider type
  • More!
Predictive Analytics
Targeting People

Identify probability scores to help predict future high risk individuals in programs through:

  • Classic forecasts  Standard solutions based on third-party claims data
  • Personalized predictions  Unique client data used to create customized predictions
Return on Investment (ROI)
Demonstrating efficacy

Evaluate and verify the clinical and financial impact using retrospective and real time data, including “what if” scenarios:

  • Test the ROI for different sub-populations
  • Identify opportunities

Illustrative Applications

Transforming Healthcare Through Research Outcomes

We leverage the best of epidemiology science and statistical evaluation to provide critical feedback loops that demonstrate a link between programs and outcomes. Many information sources help power this analysis, including medical and RX claims, lab results and patient surveys. The Trajectory data analytic engine creates and customizes study designs that validate the impact of interventions more accurately than other evaluation approaches or tools.

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Telehealth Outcomes

Telehealth is use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status.

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Digital Health Outcomes

Digital health represents the convergence of digital technologies with care interventions to improve the efficacy and efficiency of the healthcare delivery system.

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Rapid Research Outcomes

Study healthcare interventions using a statistical design that generates outcomes information in as few as two weeks.

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Research Team

Garry Carneal, JD
President and CEO

Mr. Carneal has researched, written and published extensively on quality, health insurance, population health, information technology, and regulatory trends. He has brought to market over two dozen accreditation programs in healthcare and has an established track record supporting the policy, research and business development needs of his clients.

Thomas Wilson, PhD, DrPH
Chief Science Officer

Dr. Wilson is an epidemiologist specializing in the design, evaluation, and science-based improvement of population health programs. He is the Founder of Trajectory ® Healthcare LLC, which uses “virtual” epidemics and other statistical verification methods to demonstrate outcomes Dr. Wilson is a thought leader in the comparative effectiveness field.

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