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Transforming Healthcare Through Population Health Outcomes

Many innovative programs are improving health population outcomes while transforming traditional modalities of care.  But many clients and other parties want trustworthy evidence documenting that healthcare interventions are making a real difference.  If so, the following two questions need to be answered: 

  • What is the impact?
  • Is the method used to evaluate the impact of healthcare program valid?

Schooner Strategies is now offering solutions powered by Trajectory® Healthcare LLC, a patented process using advanced epidemiological and statistical verification methods, to successfully answer these questions.  Trajectory creates and studies “virtual epidemics.”  We leverage the best of epidemiology science and statistical evaluation to provide critical feedback loops that demonstrate healthcare outcomes.

The Trajectory evaluation model is the right solution to demonstrate to customers, payers, regulators, accreditation agencies and other third parties how a healthcare program is making a difference.  And if the program is not fully optimized, we can show the client – using Trajectory generated evidence and consulting expertise – how to make tweaks to improve the outcomes they are targeting. 

The Trajectory evaluation solution offers three overlapping solutions:

Evaluative Module/ROI Calculator

The Evaluation Module uses a Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator that helps answer whether a specific intervention works for a targeted population.  Clients can look at both the financial and clinical efficacy of most healthcare transactions in almost real time.  With this we can address “what if” scenarios to examine the ROI of different sub-populations, so the client can see where other opportunities reside.

Descriptive Module

The Descriptive Module enables comparison between the defined population and an age-gender matched reference on data from claims including: diagnoses, procedures, place of service, drugs, and provider name and provider type.  This can help clients point to where an intervention may best be deployed and optimized.

Predictive Module

The Predictive Module uses the Trajectory data analytic engine to generate probability scores that allow users to forecast future events and outcomes. We provide a standard validated model that will meet many organizations’ needs, as well as personalized solutions that integrate a client’s unique results.

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