Schooner Strategies Services Schooner Strategies provides a personalized and effective approach to promote its clients in the marketplace. We offer an array of scalable, affordable and results-driven consulting services supporting a wide range of healthcare organizations. The Schooner team can help.

Business Support



Support a range of administrative services covering key functions such as staffing, office space, information technology services, board/committee support, in-house legal guidance, and financial services.



Promote and run start-up enterprises by offering a full suite of business solutions, including supporting the governance structure and key operations.



Design and draft accreditation/certification programs through standards committees, which includes public comment periods and beta-testing. Schooner also supports the operations associated with several accreditation agencies.


Government Relations

Track and analyze legislation, laws, regulations and sub-regulatory guidance. Schooner staffers have years of experience working in Washington D.C., covering both the federal agencies and state associations such as the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.


Policy Development

Draft, publish and promote key policy positions for both for-profit and nonprofit clients. For example, Schooner played a central role in developing The Kennedy Forum’s policy platform covering everything from brain fitness to addressing the opioid crises.


Medical Management

Support a wide range of medical management programs, covering both the payer and provider delivery systems. Schooner advises clients on regulatory requirements, clinical pathways, and population health strategies.



Can support the development and implementation of outcome measures and value-based purchasing requirements.


Risk Management

Provide guidance on how to optimize business and clinical programs. Areas of expertise include managed care, case management, utilization management and review guidelines.


Litigation Support

Track, summarize and analyze key court decisions. Schooner also can serve as legal expert in cases, and research and draft amicus curiae briefs.


Technology Applications

Help create and launch technology solutions. Recent examples include the creation and hosting of several online accreditation application portals, a consumer-based health insurance registry, and a data analytic engine to promote targeted population health solutions.

Marketing & Sales


Marketing Strategy

Promote new ideas with a customized marketing strategy to help clients achieve and exceed their business goals.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Establish a sales and marketing database using CRM solutions like ZOHO.


Email Distribution

Support or run email distribution campaigns with critical feedback loops.


Strategic Alliances

Identify key partners to promote client’s business goals. Schooner has successfully forged strategic alliances between our clients and well-known organizations such as the American Telemedicine Association and JD Powers & Associates.


Payer/Regulator Recognitions

Establish and expand key working relationships to facilitate public and private payer recognitions for its clients, including reimbursement. In addition, we have secured over 50 state and federal “deeming” recognitions for our accreditation agency clients.



Implement a multi-dimensional approach to exhibiting, in part by creating a buzz to steer traffic to a client’s booth or tabletop.


Event Hosting

Help coordinate and host board meetings, conferences, webinars, focus groups and conference calls.



Host online webinars, which are one of the most powerful and economic tools to get the word out about your company’s expertise and knowledge base. Webinars can be offered on a complimentary basis, or a registration fee can be charged.


Industry Research

Develop market surveys and white papers to promote more robust public policy discussions and Schooner’s clients as thought leaders.



Promote coalitions made up of diverse stakeholders, including consumers, providers, regulators, employers, industry representatives and more.




Design and maintain websites. On average a company has ten seconds to engage a visitor on its website. In most cases, offering “real content” will keep a prospective client on your website for a longer period of time, and most importantly, keep them coming back.



Draft and publish “substantive” blogs, which is key to driving traffic to your company’s website and generating a higher-level profile on search engines such as Google.


Press Releases

Draft and publish press releases through Schooner’s distribution channels (including PRWeb, PR Newswire and its private list of media contacts).


Earned Media

Solicit earned media coverage by placing articles or drafting op-ed letters in magazines, journals and media outlets. Schooner often works with reporters to help generate news coverage about key issues.


Social Networking

Support a wide variety of communication platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Wikipedia. A key differentiator is the capability of publishing substantive information through these social media outlets.


Issue Briefs

Draft and publish issue briefs promoting client’s policy or business concerns.


Marketing Materials

Help create brochures, display ads, signage, resource guides and other related information. Schooner works with graphic artists and IT specialists to give each client’s marketing materials a professional look and feel that is customized to your brand.

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