ViTel Net Launches State-of-the-Art Home Telehealth Solution

Product to Debut at Upcoming ATA Conference

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McLean, VA / PRWeb / May 15, 2014 – ViTel Net, a leader in the telemedicine/telehealth industry, will unveil its new tablet-based, video-enabled home health monitoring solution at the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD, May 17-20, 2014.

ViTel Net’s health monitoring solution offers patients and their healthcare providers a myriad of features, including daily in-home or mobile vital sign monitoring and messaging, and interactive educational modules to help manage their chronic illness and other health conditions.  Patients collect selected health parameters along with additional information about their health status and send the information to their healthcare providers using the latest health information interoperability standards and methods.  Optional secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing and real-time monitoring features further enhance the connection between patients with their healthcare team.

ViTel Net’s home health solution substantially increases patient engagement with robust multimedia and interactive patient education modules tailored for the patient’s medical needs, which combined with the health monitoring capabilities, leads to a reduction in emergency room visits and hospital admissions, improved health outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

“ViTel Net’s new mobile health monitoring solution enables healthcare providers to greatly improve the management of chronically-ill patients,” says Allen Izadpanah, president and CEO of ViTel Net. “Now providers can see and talk with their patients, when needed, while simultaneously viewing their vital signs—an increased benefit for patients who can receive interventions early, as soon as their health parameters begin to show a slight deterioration.”

Home health monitoring solutions are becoming an indispensable component of the healthcare system by supporting continuity and transitions of care.   “Accountable Care Organizations and other payers with high levels of at-risk patients, such as Medicare Advantage plans, recognize the importance of early interventions and the improvement of care coordination for high-risk patients,” notes Robert M. Kolodner, MD, FACMI, LFAPA, ViTel Net’s vice president and chief medical officer. “What makes ViTel Net unique is that we offer telehealth solutions across the continuum of care, including solutions for first responders and trauma/emergency settings, general and specialty referral consultations, as well as mobile health monitoring and virtual visits.”

ViTel Net’s easy-to-use tablet-based solutions can simultaneously support the capture and display of data from a wide variety of medical peripherals including blood pressure, pulse, weight scale, glucose meter, and/or SpO2. The device also supports other optional peripheral devices such as digital stethoscopes and ECGs.

For more information about ViTel Net and its services, please visit

Please visit ViTel Net at booth #5617 at the American Telemedicine Association Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD, May 18-20, 2014.

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About ViTel Net (

Since the early 1990s, ViTel Net has pioneered the development of high-quality, adaptable telemedicine/telehealth technologies that allow clinicians to remotely treat and manage patient health regardless of geographic and time barriers. Through its unique technologies, ViTel Net offers a broad range of standard and configurable telehealth solutions for use in remote consultation, diagnosis and monitoring as well as remote care delivery.

Today, ViTel Net strives to break down telehealth barriers to allow patient treatment and health management in a variety of real-time scenarios.  While the scenarios for telemedicine are innumerable and evolving, the ViTel Net team has solid experience developing and implementing turnkey solutions around the globe. As a world leader in developing telehealth technologies for both the commercial and government sectors, we build long-term relationships with leading healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics, government agencies, and healthcare providers globally.

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