Vantage Health Plan Selects TCS Healthcare Technologies’ ACUITY Advanced

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Auburn, CA/PRWeb/October 30, 2012 –Vantage Health Plan, Inc. (Vantage), a Louisiana-based Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) formed by physicians, has successfully implemented the ACUITY™ care management system to support their patient-centered medical home model.  ACUITY is a patient-centered care management software system that performs integrated utilization, case, and disease management.

After a comprehensive evaluation and selection process, Vantage chose ACUITY over many other care management software vendors for several reasons.

“As a Patient-Centered Medical Home, we are continually looking for ways to improve patient outcomes and staff efficiency,” said Dr. Gary Jones, medical director and CEO of Vantage.  “We need a system that supports more structured and repeatable processes, thus lowering health care costs and improving the quality of life of our membership.”

Melissa Halley, Vantage’s director of medical management, concurs.  “To enhance efficiencies during our utilization review process, we need a system that allows us to accurately review and document the authorization process from beginning to end, including the intake of requests, clinical documentation, medical review, and notification.

“All of these elements are performed by different operating groups within Vantage and we want to simplify the process flow and create ‘ease of use’ between the groups while maintaining alignment with corporate policies and procedures,” Halley notes.

According to Clyde Dearman, Vantage’s director of pharmacy, “ACUITY provides an all-encompassing care management capability that we did not have before.  The software can be integrated with our EMR, claims, and pharmacy systems.  We can stratify the information to identify appropriate individuals for care management, find gaps in care, monitor performance, and report outcomes at the patient and program levels.”

“In addition to the clinical perspective, ACUITY is compatible with our current infrastructure and can be integrated with our current systems,” says Sam Rainer, Vantage’s director of information technology. “ACUITY is the best fit with the policies and procedures we already have in place. The extensive flexibility of ACUITY allows us to configure workflow processes and business rules to meet our requirements.”

According to TCS founder and CEO Rob Pock, the TCS clinical and technical staff worked closely with the Vantage implementation team to ensure a successful implementation. “We have a passion for care management,” he says, “which means working with our clients throughout the implementation process to provide training, configuration and interfaces that ensure the technology, processes and clinical content meet their needs.”

For more information about TCS Healthcare Technologies, please contact John Sekerak at (530) 886-1700 ext. 211 or For more information about Vantage Health Plan, please contact Sam Rainer (318) 361-0900 or


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TCS Healthcare Technologies (TCS) is a leading provider of software and clinical solutions that support and improve care management strategies for health plans, insurers, providers, third party administrators, medical management companies, and others. TCS is recognized as one of the premier healthcare software companies in the United States designing, offering, and hosting a number of products and services.

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Vantage Health Plan, Inc. (Vantage) is a Louisiana-based Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). Vantage was formed by physicians who wanted to improve healthcare and help lower healthcare cost. Vantage believes that practicing physicians must be actively involved in all aspects of healthcare improvement and cost control. Practicing physicians are able to see the impact of changes in healthcare in their patients. Improved quality of care lowers cost which allows better access and those savings can then be passed along to our Members. Vantage offers several affordable plans for employees and their families and for Medicare members.

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