Schooner Strategies Now Pairs Data-focused Marketing with Strategic Communications

Unique Approach Drives Dynamic Growth for Clients

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Annapolis, MD / PRWeb / June 23, 2015 – Schooner Strategies, a national consulting firm that specializes in strategic communications, business development and management services, announces the expansion of its research capabilities. The Schooner team has a unique formula that uses new and existing research studies to create substantive marketing campaigns that brand clients and also promote key public policy positions.

“Research is an incredibly powerful tool that companies and trade groups should use to engage their clients and influence public policy,” says Garry Carneal, JD, MA, Schooner’s President. “With data and key trend information behind your message, your company can position itself as an expert in the field, anticipate the latest market and regulatory changes, avoid business mistakes and create a more definitive and strategic plan for the future.”

Most recently, Schooner’s research team collaborated on a research report for Preventing Colorectal Cancer (PCC), a not-for-profit organization, on the emerging value of genetic screenings for colorectal cancer. “We asked Schooner to draft an issue brief exploring the varieties and potential benefits of genetic tests available, as well as useful insights for patients so they, in conjunction with their health care providers, can decide whether genetic testing is right for them,” says Randall Madry, Executive Director of Preventing Colorectal Cancer. “By combining the scientific research behind genetic testing with clear educational guidance, PCC was able to send a powerful message to patients, providers and health insurers and promote their overarching goal of preventing colorectal cancer.”

Alice Sowinski, Schooner’s Director of Research and Standards, notes, “Research is incredibly important in lending credibility to a company’s report; it helps companies position themselves as thought leaders in the marketplace and contributes a unique perspective that competitors may have missed.”

Schooner also teamed up with TCS Healthcare Technologies (TCS) to facilitate the Health Information Technology Survey and Trend Report Series to understand how advances, key trends and the uses of health IT impacts public health in terms of case management and population health management.

Jeff Frater, Director of Partner Development at TCS, notes, “The Health IT Survey Series, a longitudinal study conducted over six years, represented the largest research effort assessing the opportunities and challenges associated with IT innovations in the care management arena. In addition to the survey and trend reports, Schooner created a targeted marketing campaign to position TCS as a thought leader and hosted several webinars focusing on the data obtained from the project.”

“Our unique formula pairs issue-specific research articles with successful marketing campaigns to maximize exposure and enhance ROI for clients,” says Jessica Larkin, Schooner’s Director of Communication. “Our process is from soup to nuts: data gathering, analysis, report publishing and promotion.”

Schooner Strategies, formerly known as Schooner Healthcare Services, was founded in 2007 by Carneal,  a notable accreditation, quality, legal and business development expert with a track record for helping trade associations, accreditation organizations and other health-related businesses scale-up nationally.

The Schooner Strategies team serves as a client’s extended staff and brings a combined source of dynamic talent to boost clients’ profits and gain industry-wide recognition. For more information about Schooner Strategies’ offerings, visit or email

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About Schooner Strategies –

Founded in 2007, Schooner Strategies, dba Schooner Healthcare Services, is a national business development and marketing communications firm that utilizes the latest technology and engagement trends to position its clients as leaders in their industry or market. Serving as an extension of their staff, Schooner arms companies and organizations with the tools, resources and industry knowledge to maximize their exposure and keep them on course. With a solid track record of generating dynamic business growth for its clients, the Schooner team creates company brands and promotes real growth without the high costs of a public relations firm or a large internal sales force. Schooner works with clients to develop a rich and clear storyline with succinct message points that explain why a company and its products are the best-in-breed solution.  Schooner provides the ideas, tactics and resources to conduct original research, gather vital industry-specific data and acquire important market intelligence and trends information. For more information:; Twitter @SchoonerStrat.

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