Schooner Strategies Launches Population Health Outcomes Solution

New Rapid Research Technique Powered by Trajectory® HealthCare

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Schooner Strategies is now offering a breakthrough solution powered by Trajectory® HealthCare, LLC using advanced epidemiological and statistical verification methods to demonstrate healthcare outcomes.

“The new Trajectory application uses a patented process to create and study ‘virtual epidemics’ to examine a wide-variety of programs,” notes Garry Carneal, JD, MA, Schooner Strategies, President & CEO.  “Schooner can now provide critical feedback loops that prove the value of telehealth, care management  and other interventions.  Using the Trajectory platform, we can provide an outcomes assessment in weeks, not months which is targeted to specific populations that the client is supporting.”

“We leverage the best of epidemiology science and statistical evaluation to provide critical feedback loops that demonstrate a link between programs and outcomes,” states Tom Wilson, PhD, DrPH Trajectory HealthCare’s Founder and Schooner’s Chief Science Officer. He adds. “Many information sources help power this analysis, including medical and RX claims, lab results and patient surveys.  The Trajectory data analytic engine creates and customizes study designs that validate the impact of interventions more accurately than other evaluation approaches or tools.”

Trajectory evaluates the “cause and effect” of an intervention by controlling for the confounding variable of time. This approach adds clarity and fidelity to the analysis that other approaches cannot replicate.  A demo of the Trajectory data analytic engine, combined with our wrap-around consulting services, will show you the current value of your program and provide insights on how to support future growth and improvement. 

“Healthcare organizations must move quickly to assess the clinical and financial efficacy of their programs and product solutions, notes Monique Yohanan, MD, Schooner’s Chief Medical Officer.  “Once a study is designed, metrics described, and data prepared in a structured format, a full report based on retrospective data can be analyzed and a report delivered very quickly. This is accomplished by software that has been developed based on over two decades of real-world experience in the health care space. This new solution is a perfect way to create, maintain and update evidence-based pathways.”

Schooner clients can access Trajectory’s secure online portal and subject matter experts who offer insightful and objective consulting services.  We can help you share your results by drafting scientific publications, white papers, press releases and other communications.  In addition, our Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator can examine the financial and clinical efficacy of most medical interventions in almost real time.  We can address “what if” scenarios to examine the ROI for sub-populations and help you identify new opportunities.

To learn more about the new Outcomes Solution, click here.  Check out our three sample case studies on the website! 

The Schooner Strategies team often serves as a client’s extended staff and brings a combined source of dynamic talent to boost clients’ profits and gain industry-wide recognition. For more information about Schooner Strategies’ offerings, visit or email us at

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About Schooner Strategies –

Schooner Strategies is a leading force in healthcare policy development, accreditation programs, government relations support, operational management, and business development, benefiting dozens of clients since 2007.  Schooner arms clients with the tools, resources and industry knowledge to optimize their business mission and goals. Schooner provides the ideas, strategies and tactics to conduct original research, gather vital industry-specific data and acquire important market intelligence and trends information.  Schooner also can help clients manage and staff their organizations.  The consulting firm is located in downtown historic Annapolis, Maryland. 

About Trajectory

Trajectory® HealthCare, LLC is a population health analytics solutions company. We help evaluate, improve, and design population health management programs using your evidence and our patented analytics tool.  Founded in 2002, Trajectory HealthCare has provided epidemiologic consulting services to a full range of health-related organizations, including Medicare programs, Medicaid Agencies, commercial health plans (large and small), care management vendors, self-insured employer groups, investment bankers, oncology practices, pharmaceutical companies; and non-profit organizations including the American Telemedicine Association, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, the Population Health Alliance, Academy Health,  URAC, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and academic organizations. 

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