Schooner Healthcare Services Reaches Five-Year Milestone

Growing Client Base Reflects Expanded Offerings

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Schooner Healthcare Services, a leading marketing, communications and business development consulting firm for health care companies and nonprofit organizations, celebrates five years of service to the industry. In recognition of this milestone, Schooner Healthcare has expanded the services it offers to clients and revamped its website to reflect these changes.  Visitors to will find an easy-to-navigate site with a fresh look, Blog Central, latest issue briefs and other news, and guidance on how to get one’s company noticed in the marketplace.

Garry Carneal, Schooner Healthcare president & CEO, founded the company five years ago to address the need for health care companies to gain traction in growing their businesses. “Especially in light of the social media phenomenon, many companies simply aren’t geared to enter this communication spectrum,” Carneal says. “Technology is changing rapidly, and Schooner can provide the staff and support to help health care organizations get their company noticed through the most advanced methods of communication – whether it’s YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.”

Carneal says Schooner’s team of industry professionals brings a combined source of dynamic talent to boost clients’ profits and industry-wide recognition.  “Researchers, writers, editors, designers, information technology experts, strategic planners, project managers, customer relationship management – Schooner has it all,” he adds.


Rob Pock, president of TCS Healthcare Services, Auburn, CA, says that engaging Schooner over the past five years has been one the best investments he has ever made as CEO. “Garry Carneal and his team have supplemented and enhanced our staff’s efforts to provide consistent product-branding client communications.”  TCS Healthcare was one of Schooner’s first clients.

Schooner’s array of consulting services includes:

  • Business Development and Planning
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Communications, Branding and Media Outreach
  • Supporting and Managing Nonprofit Organizations
  • Government Relations and Legal Support
  • Accreditation and Quality Program Support
  • Research and Industry Surveys
  • Technology Consulting
  • Incubator for Start-Up Organizations

Blogging, newsletters, e-blasts, webinars, research and white papers, issue briefs, and story placement in key publications are only part of the Schooner strategy to growing a company’s business. Website development and maintenance as well as on-going social media management are also key components of Schooner’s services.  Most recently, Schooner added grant-writing and research to its repertoire of offerings.

For more information about Schooner Healthcare Services’ offerings, visit, or call (888) 291-8303.



About Schooner Healthcare Services (

Founded in 2007, Schooner Healthcare Services provides a high-octane, personalized approach to getting companies noticed in the marketplace.  With a solid track record of generating dynamic business growth for its clients, the Schooner team creates company brands and promotes real growth without the high costs of a public relations firm or a large internal sales force. Schooner works with clients to develop a rich and clear storyline with succinct message points that explain why a company and its products are the best-in-breed solution.  Schooner provides the ideas, tactics and resources to conduct original research, gather vital industry-specific data and acquire important market intelligence and trends information.

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