Schooner Healthcare Kicks-Off New Year as Schooner Strategies, Expands Services to Other Markets

Variety of new clients seek company’s scalable solutions and personal approach

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Annapolis, MD / PRWeb / February 6, 2014 – Schooner Healthcare Services, a leading business development and marketing communications firm in the health care and nonprofit sectors, is relaunching as Schooner Strategies to offer scalable solutions to businesses of all sizes in other sectors. Under the Schooner Strategies banner, the company is now working with several new clients representing the food, construction, wellness and e-book categories.

Schooner Healthcare was founded in 2007 by Garry Carneal, JD, MA , a notable quality, legal and business development expert in health care with a track record helping trade associations, accreditation organizations, and other health-related businesses scale-up nationally. The company has helped health care and related companies gain traction in growing their businesses over the past seven years.

As Schooner Strategies, the company will continue to offer the same quality of top-tier services combined with the latest marketing technology tools to ensure optimum exposure, SEO and business growth for clients.

“Three years ago, we were embracing the social media phenomenon as a growing marketing strategy,” says Traci Carneal, Schooner Strategies’ vice president of editorial services. “Now it’s clear that internet and interactive marketing, visual communication and customer engagement are critical to retaining and attracting new business. You simply must gain high levels of exposure to your targeted audiences in ways that are most effective and efficient for your business and audience.”

In fact, blogs developed for a client on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) throughout 2013 catapulted that organization to the #1 spot in internet searches on the topic, an impressive feat considering the wide and mainstream coverage of the ACA.

According to Angie Yasulitis, Schooner Strategies’ vice president of business development, technology is changing rapidly and many companies simply aren’t geared to enter this communication spectrum. “Schooner can provide the staff and support to help all types of organizations get noticed through advanced methods of communication and engage their targeted customer base.”

Schooner Strategies has a track record for:

  • Business Development and Growth Planning. Lead generation and development, database management, event staffing and sales presentations.
  • Marketing and Sales. Reaching the right audience with the most effective tools to result in increased sales.
  • Communications, Branding and Media Outreach. On a broad scale, ensuring consistent messaging that reflects a company’s values and goals, and differentiates them from the competition. Also provide narrower, targeted strategies that include relationship-building between executives and local and national government officials, the media, and other core constituencies.
  • Website Development with Optimum Search Capabilities. In-house design and build capabilities using state-of-the-art platforms to achieve maximum SEO and functionality to fit the client’s needs.
  • Organization Management. Providing full-service support to nonprofits and for profits.
  • Government Relations and Legal Support. Staff with decades of experience working with state and national regulators and lawmakers.
  • Research and Industry Surveys. From soup to nuts – data gathering, analysis, report publishing and promotion.
  • Incubator for Start-Up Organizations. No job is too small.
  • Webinar production, event staffing, conference hosting. Experienced staff can facilitate any function—from virtual to face-to-face.


“With the changing health care landscape, Schooner Strategies has been instrumental in helping our company reposition itself to succeed in the market,” says Alan Ofsevit, chief information officer for Medical Management and Rehabilitation Services (MMARS), a national health care management company that hired Schooner in 2013 to redesign the MMARS website and boost exposure and sales. “I’m constantly impressed by their ability to leverage social media and online presence in our efforts to build our business. I can’t thank them enough.”

The Schooner Strategies team plans to extend its success in the health care industry to the broader spectrum of new clients. Serving as a client’s extended staff, the team brings a combined source of dynamic talent to boost clients’ profits and gain industry-wide recognition. Blogging, newsletters, e-blasts, webinars, research and white papers, issue briefs, and story placement in key publications are only part of the Schooner strategy to growing a company’s business.

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About Schooner Strategies –

Founded in 2007, Schooner Strategies, dba Schooner Healthcare Services, is a national business development and marketing communications firm that utilizes the latest technology and engagement trends to position its clients as leaders in their industry or market. Serving as an extension of their staff, Schooner arms companies and organizations with the tools, resources and industry knowledge to maximize their exposure and keep them on course. With a solid track record of generating dynamic business growth for its clients, the Schooner team creates company brands and promotes real growth without the high costs of a public relations firm or a large internal sales force. Schooner works with clients to develop a rich and clear storyline with succinct message points that explain why a company and its products are the best-in-breed solution. Schooner provides the ideas, tactics and resources to conduct original research, gather vital industry-specific data and acquire important market intelligence and trends information.

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