Remote Scanning Industry Trend Survey

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Summer 2024

RadSite has released an online survey to assess remote scanning industry trends. The survey is targeted to imaging staff that directly or indirectly support remote scanning programs.  The survey will assess the scope of remote scanning, professional staff training, certification requirements, operational parameters and technical specifications.  

If you are involved with a remote scanning program, please fill out this survey:

About RadSite

RadSite is now one of the largest accreditation agencies covering advanced diagnostic imaging.  RadSite’s ADI Accreditation Programs cover six key areas:    

·         Computed Tomography 

·         Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

·         Nuclear Medicine (including SPECT, PET and PET/CT)

·         Dental Cone Beam CT 

·         Medical Cone Beam CT  

·         Remote Scanning Operations (fall 2024)

To learn more about RadSite, visit To access RadSite’s complimentary webinars, click here

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