RadSite Hosts Complimentary Webinar Focusing on Accreditation Standards for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

May 8th Webinar Features RadSite's Leadership in Roundtable Discussion

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Annapolis, MD / April 18, 2024 – RadSite™,  a leading accrediting agency promoting performance and quality-based imaging practices, announced that it will host a complimentary webinar featuring RadSite’s leadership in a roundtable session. They will discuss recent updates to the accreditation agency’s accreditation standards and review process for advanced diagnostic imaging. 

“We are excited about providing a comprehensive update on RadSite’s accreditation standards, which will highlight our work during the past 18 months,” said Mark Casner, MA, MBA, FACHE, RadSite’s Chief Accreditation Officer. “RadSite continues to work with imaging suppliers, payers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders to make sure our standards continue to track and benchmark recent industry trends. I am looking forward to moderating this dynamic webinar.”

“We continually improve the RadSite accreditation review process to optimize how we evaluate imaging facilities and ADI equipment to promote quality-based imaging,” adds Julie Irons, HIA, HCSA, RadSite’s Director of Accreditation. “RadSite upgrades its accreditation portal, accreditation policies, and accreditation audits to ensure that we offer a best-in-class accreditation experience, which provides meaningful feedback to every applicant. The roundtable discussion will showcase several key updates that have been implemented over the past year.” 

Here is a summary of the upcoming webinar: 

Update on RadSite’s Standards for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging—Wednesday, May 8, 2024, at 1:00 PM ET

This roundtable discussion will highlight recent enhancements made to RadSite ADI Standards for CT, MRI, and Nuclear Medicine. The webinar will review key substantive changes made to the RadSite Standards over the last 18 months, in addition to other accreditation review updates.   

Moderator:  Mark Casner, MBA, Accreditation Committee Chair


  • Julie Irons, HIA, HCSA, RadSite Director of Accreditation
  • Eliot Siegel, MD, RadSite Standards Committee Chair
  • Phillip W. Patton, PhD, CHP, DABR, DABSNM, RadSite Chief Physicist Officer and Director of Diagnostic Radiation Physics, President, LBT Radiation Physics

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  • Remote Scanning Trends and Overview—Thursday, June 6, 2024, at 4:00 PM ET 

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Check out RadSite’s webinar page (https://radsitequality.com/webinars/) or RadSite’s YouTube page, where over 30 complimentary, on-demand webinars are available. To learn more about RadSite, visit www.radsitequality.com.


About RadSite (www.RadSiteQuality.com)


Founded in 2005, RadSite’s mission is to promote performance and quality-based practices for    imaging systems across the United States and its territories. RadSite is recognized by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as an official accreditation organization under the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008. RadSite is also recognized by over 300 payers and has accredited over 1,500 imaging suppliers. The accreditation agency’s programs help assess, track, and report imaging trends to enhance imaging procedures and outcomes. RadSite also offers educational programs, publishes issue briefs, and underwrites research on a complimentary basis to raise awareness of safety issues and to promote best practices. The organization is governed by an independent advisory board and committee system, which is open to a wide range of volunteers to ensure transparency and accountability. To learn more about RadSite, contact us at (443) 440-6007 or info@radsitequality.com.    

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