RadSite Accredits 50th Cone Beam CT Imaging Facility

Dental and Medical Cone Beam CT Imaging Accreditation Program Gaining Momentum

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Annapolis, MD /  April 20, 2023 – RadSite,™ a leading accrediting organization promoting quality-based imaging practices, announced that its Accreditation Committee  approved its 50th Cone Beam CT imaging facility last month, covering provider practices in a wide range of settings, including Dental, ENT, and Orthopedics – among other medical specialty areas. 

“We first started developing standards for Cone Beam CT imaging systems in 2018 and launched the Dental and Medical Cone Beam CT Accreditation Programs in 2021, after the U.S. Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved the standards pursuant to the Medicare Improvement for Patients and Provider Act (MIPPA),” notes Eliot Siegel, MD, RadSite’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Very few states actively regulate Cone Beam CT imaging. It is exciting to see the leadership role RadSite has assumed by establishing national quality standards for these types of scans.”

“RadSite’s Medical Cone Beam CT Standards have helped create a framework to assess and improve our diagnostic scanning practices in a number of specialty areas, including orthopedics,” notes Lisa Hecht, X-ray Director at Resurgens Orthopaedics. “RadSite took several years to carefully draft the first standalone Medical Cone Beam CT Accreditation Program recognized by CMS.” Ms. Hecht served on RadSite’s Cone Beam CT Standards Committee since it was formed in 2018.  Resurgens Orthopaedics provides comprehensive operative and non-operative musculoskeletal care across the Atlanta area. The practice also served as a beta test site for RadSite when developing the Cone Beam CT Standards.

Aimee Knight, founder of Reveal Diagnostics, stated that “RadSite’s Dental Cone Beam CT Standards address crucial professional, workflow, and technical criteria. These standards aid in maintaining consistency between dental and medical imaging practices.” Knight also noted “Reveal Diagnostics had a smooth accreditation process that educated them on important aspects of payer requirements, among other benefits.” Reveal Diagnostics is a leading dental imaging center network in the San Francisco Bay area, providing Cone Beam CT imaging scans to dentists, and now has expanded their services to upper cervical chiropractors and ENT physicians. 

With Cone Beam CT imaging, clinicians receive salient clinical insights at the point of care via 3D reconstructed images. Cone Beam CT imaging captures more contrast information than a traditional radiograph and can also provide quantitative analysis for measurements. For example, when a dentist is engaged in pre-surgical implant planning, a Cone Beam CT image can provide important insights related to the patient’s treatment plan to promote better outcomes and reduce complications. Those details include key measurements related to anatomical structures; a level of quantification not available in a traditional 2D panoramic radiograph. Similarly, an orthopedist treating a patient with an ankle injury can utilize a weight-bearing Cone Beam CT imaging system installed in their office to gain point of care diagnostic information. Patients find it convenient to have their exam, diagnostic assessment via the Cone Beam CT scan, and treatment plan developed all in one visit to their provider. 

“RadSite’s Accreditation Committee, made up of volunteer healthcare experts who are not affiliated with the imaging providers, carefully reviews the recommendations made by the RadSite review team when making accreditation determinations,” adds Mark Casner, RadSite’s Accreditation Committee Chair. “RadSite’s educational model is strategically configured to address deficiencies and work with imaging suppliers to improve key workflows and improve clinical outcomes.”

RadSite has earned the reputation of being an innovative and cost-effective choice for imaging accreditation. RadSite’s Advanced Diagnostic Imaging (ADI) Accreditation Programs are made up of five different standards that address: 

  • Computed Tomography (CT) ADI Accreditation, version 3.3
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) ADI Accreditation, version 3.3
  • Nuclear Medicine ADI Accreditation, version 3.3
  • Planar/Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT)
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and PET/CT
  • Dental Cone Beam CT ADI Accreditation, version 1.2
  • Medical Cone Beam CT ADI Accreditation, version 1.2

To learn more, visit RadSite’s website at www.radsitequality.com. Find out why an expanding number of imaging providers are applying for RadSite accreditation. In addition, more than 30 on-demand, complimentary webinars on a wide variety of topics are available through RadSite’s website and YouTube channel.       


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Founded in 2005, RadSite’s mission is to promote performance and quality-based practices for    imaging systems across the United States and its territories. RadSite is recognized by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as an official accreditation organization under the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) of 2008. RadSite also is recognized by over 300 payers and has accredited over 1,000 imaging suppliers. RadSite’s programs help assess, track, and report imaging trends to enhance imaging procedures and outcomes. RadSite also offers educational programs, publishes issue briefs, and underwrites research on a complimentary basis to raise awareness of safety issues and to promote best practices. The organization is governed by an independent advisory board and committee system, which is open to a wide range of volunteers to ensure transparency and accountability. To learn more about RadSite, please contact us at (443) 440-6007 or info@radsitequality.com.   

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