PolyMem Wound Care Products Expedite Treatment of Skin Traumas

Issue Brief highlights cost savings and improved clinical outcomes

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A newly published issue brief by Schooner Healthcare Services/LifeWire Connect, leaders in healthcare research and technology, highlights the advantages of using the PolyMem® line of multifunctional wound care products to treat skin traumas. The paper, Treating Skin Traumas with PolyMem, discusses the major types of skin trauma and how PolyMem’s easy-to-use bandages can help reduce costs and improve clinical outcomes. PolyMem is a product of Ferris Mfg. Corporation, Burr Ridge, IL.

“We chose to feature PolyMem’s line of wound care products because we believe it is truly a best- practice intervention with the potential to completely revolutionize the way wounds are treated,” says Dr. William Harms, senior vice president of Schooner/LifeWire Connect. Dr. Harms, D.Phil, also serves as senior tutor of the Graduate Research Counsel and as faculty for Oxford University.

Dr. Harms notes that PolyMem dressings are the only product on the market that combines the four essential components of healing: cleaning, filling, absorbing, and moistening, into one functional bandage. “The unique hydrophilic membrane contains a cleanser, moisturizer and a super-absorbent starch co-polymer,” he says. “This innovative design and patented formula does away with the need to clean and debride during dressing changes, and in return, reduces the discomfort time involved with changing the dressings.”

PolyMem’s bandages promote the healing process by taking advantage of the body’s naturally produced growth factors and regenerated cells found at the wound site, the Issue Brief states. The dressings can be used to treat lacerations, abrasions, ulcerations and burns, among many other types of injuries.

“Since 1977, Ferris has been dedicated to developing innovative products that bring desired and effective results to the healing process,” says Dr. Roger Sessions, chairman and CEO of Ferris Manufacturing Corp. “We are very excited to have our PolyMem wound care products recognized by Schooner/LifeWire.”

“PolyMem’s successful track record is one of the best-kept secrets in healthcare,” adds Dr. Sessions. “As we continue to make the best wound care dressings in the world, we are hoping to reach out on a broader scale and make more consumers aware of the health benefits and healing capabilities that our products possess.”

Use of PolyMem bandages has been shown to decrease healing time, involve fewer dressing changes, and require fewer additional treatments throughout the healing continuum. All of these features lead to reduced cost and improved clinical outcomes. PolyMem’s amazing success rate is driven by several features:

  • The dressing can absorb up to 10 times its weight in excess fluid, requiring fewer dressing changes.
  • Absorbent glycerin and specialized polymers combined with a breathable film backing create a balanced moisture environment that leads to shorter healing time.
  •  Anti-microbial silver added to the PolyMem Silver® line helps prevent infection.
  •  Embedded surfactant and debriding agents gently cleanse the wound without additional treatments.
  •  Easy-to-use bandages can be used by professionals and patients alike.

“Other research backs the fact that the PolyMem bandages have been linked to shorter healing times, reduced pain, reduced infection rates, and better clinical outcomes overall,” says Dr. Harms. “When combined in the PolyMem polymeric bandage, the components in the bandage adapt to various healing cycles for a just-in-time treatment that creates an optimal healing environment for any type of wound.”

For more information about PolyMem, contact Ferris Mfg. Corp. at (630) 297-6200 or info@polymem.com, or www.polymem.com.

To download a complimentary copy of the issue brief, go to www.schoonerhealth.com.

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