PolyMem Wound Care Products: A Cost-Effective Solution that Optimizes the Healing Process

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Annapolis, MD / PR Web / January 19, 2012— Recently published research by Schooner Healthcare Services, a leader in the advancement of business solutions in the health care industry, indicates that PolyMem© Wound Care Dressings can significantly decrease the average cost of skin ulcer treatment while adapting to a wound’s healing cycles and expediting the healing process.

The issue brief, Treating Skin Traumas with PolyMem, discusses the major types of skin trauma and how PolyMem’s easy-to-use bandages can help reduce costs and improve clinical outcomes. PolyMem is a product of Ferris Mfg. Corporation, Burr Ridge, IL.

“We believe PolyMem’s line of wound care products are a best-practice intervention that has the potential to significantly reduce costs associated in the treatment of wounds,” says Dr. William Harms, senior vice president of Schooner. Dr. Harms, D.Phil, also served as senior tutor and a member of the Graduate Research Counsel, and is adjunct faculty at Oxford University.

The paper highlights the fact that the use of this product not only significantly decreases the cost of treating a wound, based on the costs of materials and labor, but also speeds up the care continuum.

“PolyMem is adaptable and economical. It provides highly effective wound care through a single product,” the Schooner brief cites. “PolyMem reduces treatment time and expense, thus leveraging professionals to critical cases most in need of their attention.”

Additional research states, “Typical skin ulcer treatment costs an average of $2,900 (Livesley & Chow, 2002). PolyMem wound treatments reduce nursing time and number of required dressings by 85%. As a result, the 85% decrease of an average cost of $2,900 per wound yields an estimated savings of $2,465 per ulcer. For a nursing facility, treating 150 wounds per year, this estimated decrease yields a $369,750 annual reduction in operating costs.”

“Other research backs the fact that the PolyMem bandages have been linked to shorter healing times, reduced pain, reduced infection rates, and better clinical outcomes overall,” says Dr. Harms. “When combined in the PolyMem polymeric bandage, the components in the bandage adapt to various healing cycles for a just-in-time treatment that creates an optimal healing environment for any type of wound.”

For more information about PolyMem, contact Ferris Mfg. Corp. at (630) 297-6200 or info@polymem.com, or www.polymem.com.
To download a complimentary copy of the issue brief, go to www.schoonerhealth.com.


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