MMARS Honored with Case in Point Platinum Award for Medicaid Case Management

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Baltimore, MD / PRWeb / May 20, 2014—Medical Management and Rehabilitation Services (MMARS) received the prestigious Case in Point Platinum Award in the Medicaid category for its Rare and Expensive Case Management Program during Dorland Health’s 5th Annual Awards Ceremony on May 5, 2014, in Washington, DC. Case in Point Platinum Awards recognize professionals and organizations across the entire country making significant headway to address the challenges affecting the U.S. health care system.

Maryland’s Rare and Expensive Case Management Program (REM) was initiated in 1997 to help provide effective management and care for individuals with the most medically complex and expensive conditions within the Medicaid program. A pre-cursor to the Patient Centered Medical Home Model, the REM program has proven that proper holistic, person-centered care management can not only improve outcomes, but also help to contain the cost of care.

MMARS’ commitment to using nurse case managers for this most medically complex and fragile population has consistently provided the highest level of quality and degree of clinical oversight.  For those served by MMARS, the cost of care per individual has held steady for a number of years, while Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) indicators have shown a consistent level of quality. HEDIS is a widely used set of performance measures in the managed care industry.

“We are honored to join the ranks of the innovative companies nominated for the Platinum Award,” says Carolyn Miller, RN, BSN, CCM, MMARS owner and president. “This award wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated case managers that work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for the individuals we serve.”

Under the REM program, MMARS case managers worked closely with individuals, their families and other caregivers to understand their needs and act as the interface with the complex medical services they require. This not only helped to drive better outcomes, but also provided advocacy so individuals could help direct their own care.

“We believe the best case management is achieved by building trust and establishing relationships with the individuals served,” Miller says. “Without that connection and trust, especially for such complex care, it is difficult to have a real impact.”

Over the past two decades, MMARS has solidified a track record of successfully managing the quality and cost of health care provided, as well as converting health care informatics into improved quality outcomes and cost savings.

MMARS was recently selected by the State of Maryland to provide targeted case management, resource coordination and supports planning for individuals served by Maryland’s Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and Maryland’s newly created Community First Choice program.

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Medical Management and Rehabilitation Services (MMARS) provides comprehensive case management and disease management services across the age spectrum for a variety of insurance providers and government agencies. Founded in 1993, our team is committed to providing customized, cost-effective and comprehensive health care management services. MMARS is unique, in that we provide person centered, independent care management and coordination services to both the private sector as well as public Medicaid programs.  We understand how to work in the community to provide holistic care management that extends beyond the clinical setting.  Our services cover the entire spectrum of care management services, from utilization review to complex case management.  We are uniquely qualified to help serve you.

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