Jai Medical Systems Successfully Implements TCS Healthcare Technologies’ ACUITY Advanced Care™ Management System

TCS Software to Support Medicaid Managed Care in Maryland

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Auburn, CA/PRWeb/April 30, 2014 – Jai Medical Systems (JMS), a Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO) that provides Medicaid health insurance benefits for the State of Maryland, has successfully implemented TCS Healthcare Technologies’ ACUITY Advanced Care™ (ACUITY) care management system to support their managed care organization model.  ACUITY is a patient-centered care management software system that performs integrated utilization, case and disease management.

After a comprehensive evaluation and selection process, JMS chose TCS Healthcare Technologies over other care management software vendors for several reasons.  “As a managed care organization, we are continually looking for ways to improve patient outcomes,” says Chardae Buchanan, RN, director of utilization management for JMS. “Our goal was to improve the integration of our current utilization review and case management systems and increase reporting capabilities while integrating evidence-based clinical data. It was important to find a system that could be easily customized to meet both our internal and external requirements. TCS met those needs.”

According to Leah Allen, JMS director of quality assurance, “ACUITY provides improved systems integration for our organization that has improved our overall care management capabilities. With the help of the TCS implementation team, we are refining the product more and more each month.   The largest benefit has been the ability to simplify our internal processes.”

Deborah Keller, RN, BSN, director of client services for TCS, says the implementation team is comprised of members with technical and managed care backgrounds. “We understand both ends of the spectrum and work with our clients every step of the way,” she says. “Having both the clinical and technical expertise really differentiates TCS from competitors.”

Christine Charlton, JMS’ director of system management concurs.  “The TCS implementation team was more than willing to work with us on an extremely condensed timeline,” she says. “The flexibility of ACUITY allows us to configure workflow processes and business rules to meet our requirements.  TCS was accommodating and helpful during the implementation. ”

According to Jai Seunarine, CEO of JMS, “The ACUITY product helps us continue to improve the services we offer to our members, while helping us meet our mission objectives.  We selected the ACUITY product based on its superior service offering and cost advantage.”

According to TCS founder and CEO Rob Pock, the TCS clinical and technical staff worked closely with the JMS implementation team to ensure the timeline and technical criteria were addressed. “We have a passion for care management,” he says, “which means working with our clients throughout the implementation process to provide training, configuration and interfaces that ensure the technology, processes and clinical content meet their needs.”

To learn more about TCS and its suite of care management software products and services, see www.tcshealthcare.com or contact Jeff Frater at (530) 314-7073 or jfrater@tcshealthcare.com.


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About TCS Healthcare Technologies (www.tcshealthcare.com)

TCS Healthcare Technologies (TCS) is a leading provider of software and clinical solutions that support and improve care management strategies for health plans, insurers, providers, third party administrators, medical management companies, and others. TCS is recognized as one of the premier healthcare software companies in the United States designing, offering, and hosting a number of products and services.

About Jai Medical Systems (www.jaimedicalsystems.com)

Jai Medical Systems Managed Care Organization (JMS) is a Medicaid managed care organization providing Medicaid health insurance benefits for the State of Maryland in the HealthChoice program.  Founded in 1997, JMS serves a diverse population of children and adults throughout Maryland with a mission to provide high quality health care benefits and services.

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