Bryan Warf, PhD Joins The Center for Genomic Interpretation Team as Senior Director of Scientific Affairs

Wharf to Provide Clinical Expertise on ELEVATEGENETICS services and Large Research Projects

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Salt Lake, UT / PRWeb /  May 8, 2023 – Bryan Warf, PhD has joined the Center for Genomic Interpretation (CGI) as the 501(c)(3) nonprofit’s Senior Director of Scientific Affairs. Dr. Warf brings almost two decades of clinical science experience and expertise to CGI. He will be supporting CGI’s TestWisely and ELEVATEGENETICS initiatives that focus on quality driving programs that encompass germline (inherited) genetics, genomics and precision medicine. These programs help commercial health insurance payers, pharmaceutical companies, clinicians and patients to identify the most accurate and reliable laboratories and tests.

“I know Dr. Warf well and have always been impressed by his commitment to the highest standards in clinical science. I’m excited to see where his leadership takes us,” notes Dr. Julie Eggington, CGI’s CEO and co-founder. “Dr. Warf’s expertise in diagnostic test development, test validation, and Next-Generation Sequencing further strengthens CGI’s ability to meet the growing desire by stakeholders to ensure that plan members are benefiting from the precision medicine era, and are not being harmed by misguided care pathways resulting from inaccurate diagnostic testing.”

“I feel very strongly that all patients deserve accurate results when they order a genetic test. After spending years in the genetic testing industry, I have seen that CGI’s mission to promote more accurate genetic testing is more important than ever,” said Dr. Warf when asked why he chose to share his expertise with CGI.

For more information about CGI, see CGI is offering several unique ELEVATEGENETICS programs that establish meaningful and actionable pathways to improve genetic/genomic testing, analysis and reporting. For payers, ELEVATEGENETICS metrics offer unique evaluations when selecting and contracting with laboratories.  For laboratories, these programs offer a unique third-party review focusing on key aspects of the genetic/genomic testing process which can dramatically improve the accuracy of test findings. For providers and consumers, CGI offers a number of resources to better understand the complex landscape of precision medicine.

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The Center for Genomic

The Center for Genomic Interpretation (CGI) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to save and improve lives by encouraging careful stewardship of clinical genetics, genomics, and precision medicine. Too frequently the precision medicine goals of patients and their providers are unknowingly thwarted by inaccurate or ineffective genetic or genomic testing. CGI facilitates the realization of value from among the confusing scramble of the precision medicine era. The CGI team consists of clinical genetics and genomics scientific leaders, healthcare policy veterans, experienced business professionals, and others dedicated to helping stakeholders achieve the vision and promise of precision medicine. CGI offers a range of programs and services targeted to all stakeholders including patients, providers, payers, pharmaceutical developers, policy makers and laboratories.

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