AprilAge Expands to U.S. Insurance and Human Resources Markets Visualization software links future appearance and health for high-impact patient engagement

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Toronto/PRWeb/July 15, 2014 – AprilAge Inc. announces expanded services into United States insurance and human resources markets. The company’s visualization software, APRIL®, provides a proven patient engagement tool to complement health and lifestyle education, wellness programs and products for smoking cessation, nutrition and weight control, obesity management, skin care and sun safety.

“As population health management strategies transform the health care paradigm, APRIL® is an instrumental tool for insurance companies and human resources departments hoping to illustrate how unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, will negatively affect the aging process and a person’s overall health and well-being,” says Alexandra Brown, AprilAge co-founder and CEO.

“Proven effective in controlled studies as a behavior modification tool, APRIL® visualization software shows users what they will look like in the future,” she adds, “helping them better understand the connection between behavior modification and health outcomes.

APRIL® is used by hundreds of clients in more than 25 countries in the health education, science, law enforcement and aesthetics fields to link the visual effects of health and lifestyle on appearance. The company’s expansion into the self-insurance, care management and human resources markets will bring this state-of-the-art application to even more clients worldwide.

APRIL® is based on a statistical database of thousands of different ages, ethnicity, lifestyles and the actual physical characteristics of aging and effects of individual lifestyles. The functionality has been developed over the years and now has enhanced aging predictions. The user enters basic information and can add a combination of the effects of smoking, sun exposure and obesity. Two images then show an animation of aging. One image depicts typical facial changes that occur with aging. The other adds the potential visual effects of smoking, overeating or excessive sun exposure. The software can then print the images.

“The aging simulations definitely garner reactions—especially in an environment facilitated by a health care provider,” Brown notes. “They discuss things like diabetes, lung disease, heart health and stroke. Now insurance companies are looking for ways to propel behavior modification.”

For more information about AprilAge and its services, please contact Ron Estey at (866) 901-8222 or inquiries@aprilage.com.

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About AprilAge Inc.  (www.aprilage.com)

AprilAge develops visualization software that shows people their “future self” and how their lifestyle of today will affect how they will look as they age.  Our software, APRIL®, is currently used by hundreds of health providers, educators and insurers in more than 25 countries as a patient engagement tool for health education about chronic disease prevention and behavior modification.  APRIL® helps them demonstrate to their patients and clients the visual consequences of certain health and lifestyle choices (e.g. obesity, smoking, heavy sun exposure).  Our clients tell us it works because it uses the best motivator ever created—a person’s appearance.

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