Business Development and Growth Planning

We support strategic marketing and business planning, sales campaigns and lead generation, CRM database management, event staffing and sales presentations. Through Schooner’s affiliate, ClearHealth Partners, we also can help fund and support start-up organizations offering a range of health care services or IT solutions.

Operations Management

The Schooner team can provide dedicated or full-service support to your nonprofit, for-profit or start-up organization. We can support all aspects of governance and operations. We build on your organization’s strengths and empower you to be more effective and successful.

Government Relations Support

Our team offers a range of government relation services, such as facilitating policy development, regulatory trend research, legislative issue briefs, and drafting model acts.

Accreditation and Outcomes

The Schooner team can help your organization draft quality-based standards, develop accreditation programs, support value-based purchasing initiatives, design outcome measures – and much more.


The Schooner team can save you time and money by executing a communications strategy that will cast your company’s mission, products or services into the spotlight. We work with our clients to develop a rich and clear storyline with succinct message points that explain why a company and its products are a best-in-breed solution. We can write, design, print, program and distribute the various pieces of your marketing plan. From email campaigns to newsletters, we can get it done on time and within budget.

Research and Industry Surveys

We offer the full range of research capabilities from soup to nuts, including data gathering, survey administration, analysis, report publishing and promotion.

Website Design and Software Development

The Schooner team support in-house design and build capabilities using state-of-the-art platforms to achieve maximum SEO and functionality to fit the client’s needs. We also can support the development of cutting-edge software programs to make your company or service more efficient and successful.


We can support or host a wide-range of educational forums, including webinars and workshops.

Strategic Solutions

With a solid track record for generating dynamic business growth for its clients, the Schooner team promotes real results.

The Schooner Strategies team serves as a client’s extended staff and brings a combined source of dynamic talent to boost clients’ profits and gain industry-wide recognition.

Thought Leadership and Positioning

Schooner can position your company as a thought leader in targeted areas. We provide the ideas, tactics and resources to conduct original research, gather vital industry-specific data and acquire important market intelligence and trends information. We will help you develop a rich and clear storyline with succinct message points that explain why your company and products are the best-in-breed solution.