How to Make Confident Care Decisions: Insights from the MCG Client Forum 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015
Jeff Frater, RN, BSN
Director of Partner Development
TCS Healthcare Technologies

In this virtually connected business world, it is refreshing to meet face-to-face with key leaders in the health care industry such as the case when I recently had the privilege to attend MCG’s 2015 Client Forum. The event was held at the wonderful Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada early in May. This year’s theme was “Make Confident Care Decisions”.

Conference attendees consisted primarily of MCG Clients, running the gamut of providers, payers and hybrids (including Accountable Care Organizations, Clinically Integrated Care Networks and Full Risk Medical Groups). The diversity of professionals at the Forum was invigorating and helped us to understand what is really happening across the industry. 

Although networking and education are great aspects of a conference, often times the best part of the event is learning more about how health care reform is going to change our practice. One major example of this was a presentation by Robert Wachter, MD, Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco, focusing on his new book The Digital Doctor. Dr. Wachter was both humorous and insightful as he walked attendees through the advent of the electronic medical record, market forces driving its adoption, the profound (and not always positive) impact of digital health records have had on the practice of medicine and the delivery of health care. Dr. Wachter is hopeful that in the future we’ll realize the benefits that are possible with health records; unfortunately, we’re currently not seeing those benefits.

Other presentation highlights included:

  • Gregory Dorn, MD, President of Heart Health, provided the keynote speech about the role the Hearst Health Business media is playing to bring comprehensive and comparative health data to their clients.
  • Linda Violas of St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare in Orange County California spoke about their success in partnering with a large Blue Cross Blue Shield plan to create an ACO and improve care outcomes for commercial populations.  Focusing on a shift from episodic care to population management has led to successes and led to growth of their ACO.
  • Karen Vanaskie of Scottsdale Health Partners discussed their efforts to improve community-wide outcomes for senior populations through a seamless care management program across inpatient and outpatient settings.  Karen presented great outcomes and  some great case studies.

The TCS team thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet with great people exploring solutions to drive their innovative practices and to improve health care. Next up, we are looking forward to CMSA’s 25th Annual Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida on June 23-26. Stop by and see us at booth 425A!